{Treasure Island Flea}

Over Memorial Day Weekend, RuPiper Designs was blissfully selling our wares on a gorgeous day in the midst of the San Francisco Bay. This 2 day event was the first of its kind to happen on Treasure Island and setting up in the morning fellow vendors were excited and anxious, but everyone we met had great hopes and full of smiles.This location is perfect. It sits in the middle of the ocean between San Francisco and Oakland. A 20 minute drive from Marin County, 30-40 minutes from Sonoma, Napa and Alameda Counties. It’s location was beyond ideal for any seller, and we are so excited at its success.

Set up was a breeze and for any vendors out there, you know that set up sometimes can be a painful and arduous task – I hate it in January and February when it still dark out at 5am – this time of year sunrise is early and it makes your day feel less grueling.

Since becoming a vendor 2 things have happened: I seen just as many sun rises as sunsets and waking up at 3am is not a nightmare, it gets easier every weekend. The only downside to this life style is that by Sunday night after creating, packing, lifting, unpacking, selling, packing up again, driving home, and unpacking, a glass of wine has slowly become to 2 to ease the stress of the weekend away. I think I will start worrying when the 2 glasses becomes 1 bottle. At this rate, I expect that to occur sometimes around January 2012.

No matter what show we attend we always meet the most amazing vendors. We have made great acquaitances with many of the food and antique vendors and we see them regularly on “SF Loop”. That’s what we call it, because it seems we are on a continuous circuit of shows literally around the SF Bay: Alameda, Candlestick, Treasure Island, Petaluma, Napa, Sonoma, San Rafael, and Novato.

Lately I have been making an effort to walk around the shows, go past our nice neighbors and venture past what I can see from my booth. I do this to find inspiration for new designs. I look at clothing styles, the sceanry, even the food. Every place has a unique vibe – i love the way the world ignites and inspires.

I was able to take a few snaps of vendors at the Treasure Island Flea this weekend. I found the way the sun hit the colorsin their booth interesting or their design enlightening. I wish I could have taken everyone’s picture, maybe over the coming year I can slowly feature all the amazing vendors we work with every weekend.

San Francisco Skyline And Bay Bridge from Treasure Island

Living in the North Bay we hardly ever see these views from the Oakland side of the Bay. These pictures were taken at 8am and as you can see it is perfectly clear, most unusual for this time of year. Fog is usually present and thick, so this was a welcomed change to this time of year.

Bay Bridge

San Francisco Skyline

{Pfister’s Perennials}

Located near the Santa Cruz Mountains, they had the most beautiful flowers for sale. I loved the green window for the display, it looked so beautiful with the morning light and riot of colors around it.

Pfister’s Perennials are having Plant Sales the 2nd and 3rd weekends of June at 9580 Central Ave Ben Lomand. For more info Call Time or Julia @ 831.336.2770 or 831.246.4767 Email: pfistersperennials@sbcglobal.net.

Pfister's Perennials at Treasure Island

{Korrupt Label}

We first met Henry and Theodore last November at a Harvest Fair in San Jose. My mother and I were walking with a crap load of stuff doing our set up thing when we happened past this amazingly constructed booth with the MOST amazing art work. Usually in the midst of a set up  blinders are on, your mission to set up and get out. It’s tedious boring and you know it will be a long weekend and you want to enjoy a quiet night before the chaos ensues. We stopped dead in our tracks. My mother said: “Holy Shit”.

With that we met 2 of the nicest guys: Henry and Theodore and fell instantly in love with Korrput Label. Out of West Oakland, Henry has created amazing works of art that adorn sweatshirts and T-shirts and also patches you can apply to your own clothing in your own style.

When setting up for Treasure Island, I was wondering if I would see Korrput Label again. I thought I spotted someone wearing their sweatshirt but at closer inspection I saw it was not Henry’s work at all, not nearly the quality or ingenuity. I turned the corner after grabbing a cup of coffee and like a beacon in the skyline I ran right into Korrupt Label. YEAH!

Take a look at Korrput Label’s website – for lack of better words – totally cool. For those who know me, this is not my style of dress but I am so wanting a Korrupt Label Sweatshirt!

Korrput Label T-Shirt 2

Korrupt Label T-Shirt

Devonshire Hoodie

Korrupt Label Booth


More to come….